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Chai Alumni Association

Chai Alumni Association


The Chabad Chai Alumni Association was founded in 2007 to ensure the future of Chabad at CU.

Funding for Chabad at CU programs and services comes from the hands of people like you, parents, alumni, and friends committed to Jewish continuity on campus and beyond. The generosity of our alumni is vital to Chabad at CU's continuing success. Your help allows us to empower our generation's future leaders with the beauty and depth of our tradition. Please consider joining the chai alumni club, by making monthly donations in increments of $18, $36, $54...$108. Thank you for your support!

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Current Alumni





Daniel Farasat '04
Liron Kopinsky '06
Farbod Farzin '06
Joel Schulman '06
Alex Starick '06
Dan Korrub '07
Greg Bean '07
David Roth '07
Yaneev Benami '07
Tedy Weber '07
Wray Hansen '07
Alex Milzer '07
Adam Wolach '07

Mike Izrailev '08
Sergio & Naomi Andermann '08
Brandon Knaster '08
Noam Silkoff '08
Preston Alexander '08
Aviva Landie '08
Nat Farber '08
Elina Moyn '08
Rachel Cohen '09
Romi Bean '09
Melissa Grunfeld '09
Josh Zeldner '09
Zach Levitt '09
Brian & Lindsay Cocos '09
Kenny Harcsztark '09
Molly Zimmerman '09
Matthew Budman '09
David Weinberg '09
Eran Fraenkel '09
Daniel Eicholz '09

Andronik Mamayan '10
Lyla Weiss '10
Aaron Biel '10
Jason Levine '10
Jenya Kaufman '11
Daniel Deshe '11
Tzvi Yakir '12

Zoe Bernstein '14

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