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Kosher at CU

Kosher at CU

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Kosher at CU (and Boulder)

"Kosher" Dinning Hall is open to Students and the community

kosher dh.jpg University of Colorado offers a kosher option at the Center for Community (C4C, Directions), under the supervision of Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm, director Chabad at CU.  

Monday-Thursday 11am-1:30pm (Lunch), 5pm-6:30pm (Dinner)

 Menu: Vegan/Vegatarian Dish, Meat Dish, Vegatable of the Day, Soup, Dill Pickles, Breadsticks, + more. 

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*During Passover the kitchen is kosher for Passover.



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 Chabad House (Every Week)

Shabbat dinner and lunch. Four course, home cooked meal. 

Tuesday Deli Nights

Kosher Deliverly

Any student (only students and visiting facutly) can order food from the east side kosher deli in Denver ( and it will be delivered to Boulder. You must be in touch with us to arrange this. 303 444 2775.

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