Chabad House is a unique and vibrant center, providing a home away from home for Jewish students at University of Colorado at Boulder as well as to any man, woman or youngster who walks through it's doors. It's staff and volunteer workers are pioneers in the most literal sense, treading a path and showing the way to bring the light of Torah and Jewish tradition to all Jews.

Acceptance of every Jew, regardless of their level of religious commitment or practice, has become a trademark of Chabad. Blending traditional values with modern day techniques, we have been successful in reaching even the most alienated person, helping them to appreciate their roots and pridefully identify with their Judaism.

The Chabad House's doors at CU will always be open to every single Jew and human being, regardless of their affiliation and background.

We will continue to expand our activities and programs until we reach every Jew with the warm, welcoming message of Judaism.

Rabbi Yisroel & Leah Wilhelm moved to Boulder in the summer of 2005 to establish Chabad at CU.

909 14th Street 
Boulder, CO 80302 USA 

 Phone:  303-444-2883