The Schaeffer Family Student Center, home of the Rohr Chabad House at CU

Use of Facilities – Community Fee Schedule
Location Capacity Rental Fees
Sanctuary / Classroom 75 Seated $100
Social Hall 100 Banquet Seating $250 - $500*
130 Lecture Seating or Reception
Basketball Court Tent Capacity up to 400 $250 - $500*
Kitchen Use Fee $250 per day, $125 half day, plus Mashgiach Fee **
*Depending on length of event
**Anytime the kitchen is used a CU Chabad approved kosher supervisor must be on site. Charges for provided personnel are $15 per hour.
***10% discount for Jewish non-profit organizations and CU Chabad alumni
Rental Details
Set-Up and Clean Up: Rooms will be given clean and in standard setup. Renter is responsible to set up event as they desire. After an event, Event Renters (ERs) must leave the building and grounds clean, and clear of debris, trash, recycling and in at least as good condition as it was found at the commencement of the event. Chairs and tables must be neatly organized in area found unless otherwise instructed.

The use of facility charges include: tables & chairs (we have 18 6-foot rectangle folding tables & 150 chairs) the parking lot, and the coat room. Not included: tent for sports court, paper goods, and supplies.

Use of facility on Friday night is very limited, and is occasionally available during CU vacations.
Functions that follow a Shabbat service, such as a Kiddush lunch will need to include the congregation. Please inquire about special rates, conditions and menus.

All ritual events such as Brit/Baby naming, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding ceremonies must be approved in advance by the Rabbi and all require an Orthodox Rabbi to officiate.

Rental of the Classroom and/or Social Hall does not include the use of the Schaeffer Student Center’s coffee station supplies, unless arranged in advance and paying an additional fee.

Kosher policies will be strictly enforced, and any violation will result in termination of event and additional charges to be determined by Schaeffer Student Center Director.
A detailed list of kosher policies is included in contract and available upon request. Below is a synopsis:
*No one may bring prepared food into the Schaeffer Student Center.
*All food brought in must be approved in advance by the Schaeffer Student Center Director. Food will need to be brought sealed in its original packaging, certified kosher, dairy foods must be Chalav Yisroel, and meat products need to be Glatt Kosher. All serving trays and utensils need to be new and in original packaging. Trays of food need to come from approved caterers and be sealed.
*Schaeffer Student Center Director will need to “check in” all food items.
*In almost all cases, Schaeffer Student Center follows the Kashrut policies outlined on Please use that as a reference guide.
For room rental inquiries please email [email protected] or call 303-444-2833