Chabad @ CU
April 19th - April 27th 2019

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Thank you to the following donors for joining our Passover Campaign. Please help us reach our goal of $23,000. 

 Mr. Paul Lev-Ary, Zachary Goldman, Betsy Perlstein, Steven & Stacy Greenberg, Rachel Weber, Halel Peleg, George & Irina Schaeffer, Larry & Cindy Halpern, Shira Reiss, Lisa & Oded Anderman-Daskal, Yoram Gutfreund, Etamar Prizament, Roberty& Toni Schiff, Mikael Cohen, Don & Haley Calisher, Jodi Abudarham, Mark & Tina Harrop, Amy Musler, Matt Finberg, Barb Lynn, Jerome & Naomi Weinstock, Brian & Lindsey Cocos, Bonnie Lally, Jim & Liza Weimer, Michelle Miller, Phyllis and Mark Shinbane.