Kosher at CU (and Boulder)

"Kosher" Dinning Hall is open to Students and the community


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University of Colorado offers a kosher option at the Center for Community (C4C, Directions), under the supervision of Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm, director Chabad at CU.


2249 Willard Loop Dr, Boulder, CO 80305
Menu and Hours on Facebook 

We do not operate this cafeteria so please do not contact us for hours or menu. It is usually open Monday - Thursday 11:00am/2:00pm & 5:00pm/6:30pm.
Schedule depends on when the University is open.

The campus cafeteria DOES NOT deliver. It is open to everyone, not only students.

If you are in Boulder for a conference taking place on campus, you can ask them to send you kosher meals from this station. 

This is the ONLY Kosher restaurant in Boulder. If you need more options for take out food we suggest you get in touch with the East Side Kosher Deli in Denver. They deliver to Boulder.

*During Passover the kitchen is kosher for Passover.



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